Download & Instruction

1. Close your Anti Virus

First we have to close our Anti Virus. 
If you do not know how to close it please check this page.

2. Download the Macro Engine

Click Here to Download the Macro Engine.
Extract the files one by one.  Use Winrar.
The Password from the Zip is csmacro
Open the exe file and Enter your Email and License Key.
Always first the Macro Engine then open the Game.

Important Notice!
If the recoil do NOT fit even if you have all the correct recommended settings
Go in the Macro Engine Settings and change the Timing System from Standart to 2004.

If you want to use a different in-game settings then the recommended settings there are 3 steps you can do.

1- You can use the any DPI you want to fit your mouse speed.

2- You can change the in-game sensitivity to fit the recoil pattern.
If the aim goes too much down make your Sensitivity lower, if it’s goes too much up make your in game sensitivity higher
(same logic for the next step)

3- Using the multiplicator in the Macro Engine.

You can download any Game files you want from here.

Or you can download the weapons you want from the Macro Library.
For more information about how to use the Macro Engine please watch the Tutorial below.

Play Video

If you have any questions join our discord server and Open a Ticket for Support.

Enjoy & Have fun.

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